The laboratory, through research, training and intervention activities (in Italy and abroad) pays particular attention to fieldwork in areas at risk aimed at:

  • Well-being, mental health (burnout, secondary trauma, etc..) and training of health professionals involved in medical emergency missions and first aid in contexts of low-intensity conflict and military occupation.
  • Well-being and mental health of minority groups at risk of human rights violations (migrants, asylum seekers, and war refugees, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTIQ+ groups, marginalized groups from metropolitan suburbs, women, and children victims of violence and exploitation and trafficking).

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Below all the research, intervention and training in place and concluded

  • Villaggio della Madre e del Fanciullo Onlus 2019 - till today - Supervision of educators Show more
  • Istituto Comprensivo Statale di PeroPero, Milano. 2019 – till today: Consultancy: Work on the well-being of teachers, parents and promotion of dialogue in the school Show more
  • Fondazione Asilo Mariuccia Onlus, Milano, 2017 – 2018- Supervision activities: Teenagers at risk: promotion of well-being in community contexts. Show more.
  • Coopi Niger – Cooperazione Internazionale ONG, ONLUS
    2017 – till now: Training activities aimed at support professionals and operators in emergency contexts. Show more.
  • Palestinian Trauma Centre, Gaza Strip, Palestine, 2017 – 2018, Gaza Strip, Palestine, 2017 – 2018 Show more .
  • Gaza Community Mental Health Program, Gaza Strip, Palestine 2017 – till today – Show more
  • Remedial Educational Centre, REC, Gaza Strip, Palestine, Gaza Strip, Palestine, 2012 - till today. Educational activity with teachers, parents and children of the Salaam school  Show more.
  • Psychologists For Human Rights Milano, Milano 2008 - till today. Training with operators and volunteers working in emergency, political violence or war contexts. Organization and implementation of summer camps Show more.