In order to bring research and training paths into the concreteness of clinical practice, and to work on the University as an open environment for promoting health and direct psychological intervention, the laboratory aims to develop an ethnopsychological clinical counter project promoted by the laboratory. and centered on taking charge of individuals and families with stories of immigration and political violence. Starting from a circular epistemology, the intent is to experiment with innovative clinical tool, capable of using all the elements of the teaching and research areas, and returning experiences, assessments and verifications of concrete activity to the theoretical sphere.

The intervnetion areas:

  • Ethnopsychology service (counseling and psychotherapy) for migrant individuals, couples and families 
  • Supervision to professionals, local services, O.N.G. and associations, and other entities engaged in the social and humanitarian sphere
  • Supervision, psychological counseling and psychotherapy for humanitarian workers engaged in war area or in critical socio-political contexts